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In collaboration with Mervue Laboratories, we bring to you research-based, scientifically formulated products to ensure highest bioavailability to maximise the health, wellbeing and lifecycle of companion animals. Our product range is a response to the concerns of pet parents – lifestyle diseases, health and wellness of their furry friends – dogs as well as cats. Our endeavor is to leverage our knowledge and experience to offer top of the line preventive and treatment options in companion animal care.

Opus Pet

At OPUSPET our guiding principle is the health & happiness of our furry friends. It’s at the heart of everything we do. Opuspet is a confluence, a passion for pet care – meets technology.

We believe that there is no one size fits all, each animal is unique, their needs are unique, and we recognize that. We offer customization at a micro level, and a range of specially formulated products designed to meet the needs of companion animals.

In Mervue Laboratories, we found a kindred spirit. It was a natural choice to partner with them to bring their pathbreaking companion animal products to the Indian market.


Founded in 1986, Mervue Laboratories is the privately owned nutraceutical products division of Inform Nutrition Ireland. They are leaders in animal health-based nutrition. Quality, research & innovation are the cornerstones of Mervue’s efforts to bring unique & premium products to the pet universe. Their team of highly qualified nutritionists, veterinary doctors and chemists use the latest research and collaborate with innovators across the industry including academic scientists and customers towards this end.

Mervue has its manufacturing base is in Cork, Ireland and all products are designed & developed to meet European efficacy and safety benchmarks.

Joining Hands
with Avenal:

Joining Hands with Avenal Petfood in 2023-

Avenal Petfood Formed in 1954, Avenal Petfood, is the first Portuguese company to produce exclusively dry pet food for cats and dogs. The company has been awarded the Maximum ‘Higher Level’ certification of the International Featured Standard in 2011. Passion, Quality and Accessibility are the three pillars of Avenal that define them.

Our Motto

Humanization of Pet Care

Our Vision

Avenal Petfood Formed in 1954, Avenal Petfood, is the first Portuguese company to produce exclusively dry pet food for cats and dogs.

Our Mission

Humanization of Pet Care


Karan Singh

Karan holds an MBA from the University of East London, UK. A second-generation entrepreneur, he set course on a career in animal health, starting with Akzonobel, USA and went on to work as Marketing Director of the cattle feed division of Nutrient Bio-Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. Next on his radar was the companion animal health segment, which led to a concept and its manifestation in the form of Opus Pet.

Eashan Kiwalkar

An engineer by training, Eashan has done his master’s in business from Technology University, Dublin, Ireland. During his time in Ireland, he was exposed to the Irish way of life, where most families have pets, and every attempt is made to improve the quality of life of the pet. Back home, he observed a marked shift in the treatment and condition of pets, all for the better. The potential to do better was enormous, which prompted his plunge in pet care.