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Pets address a basic human psychological need- a salve to loneliness and companionship. It is no longer a master-pet relationship, but has evolved into a parent – pet bond, with a higher emotional quotient.
Pet parenthood has firmly embedded itself in our social fabric.

There is a paradigm shift in “pethood” as pet parents want to reward the unconditional love and faithfulness of their companion. They are more sensitive, aware and conscious in their upbringing and demand best in class products & services, as they would for themselves
“Humanization” of pets is driving and dictating the pet care industry, and this phenomenon is here to stay.


Manish Koura Pet Parent , Delhi

The product is very supportive for heart disease in dogs & highly recommended (Product- Opulence H+ & H care)


CKD is a chronic, slow deterioration in kidney function that results in an increase of waste product build up and metabolic changes throughout the body.
Older cats and dogs are most likely to acquire CKD (chronic kidney disease), but some younger pets with congenital or inherited conditions may also develop the disease.
Nanosil is used in Post Operative Care and Nanosil+ is used in wound management.
Yes, it can be used with antibiotics with or without Betadine / Hydrogen Peroxide.
Yes, the mucilage effect of psyllium helps to soften feces and also increase the volume and bulk of feaces causing distention of the intestine.
Diagel has PFPH which absorbs excessive water to form mucilage which helps to reduce the liquid content of the feces and improves stool consistency. At the same time, the mucilage effect of psyllium helps to soften the feces.
Milk Thistle and Artichoke are the important ingredients in Opiliv which help break down toxins and drugs.

It is an herbal ingredient from which Sylimarin is extracted, which is a potent hepatotoxin.

No. L-lysine in combination with Echinacea and Seaweed is very effective in Feline Herpes Virus. One of the only products to have this combination is Lysine 100.
It is a Low Molecular Weight Chondroitin, it is better absorbed and highly bio available as compared to other Chondroitin compounds available in the market.
One of the most common reasons to use chelation is to make the mineral more bioavailable to the animal. Bioavailability enhances absorption in the GI tract and in other organs in the body.